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A selection of finishes

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Spoilt for choice! Here's just a small selection of the different finishes we provide. Every door style we sell is available in any finish, providing you with unprecedented choice.

  • Acacia


  • Agnola beech

    Agnola Beech

  • Brown avola

    Brown Avola

  • Champagne avola

    Champagne Avola

  • Classic walnut

    Classic Walnut

  • Golden walnut

    Golden Walnut

  • Grey avola

    Grey Avola

  • Ivory


  • Legno alabaster

    Legno Alabaster

  • Legno mussel

    Legno Mussel

  • Legno vanilla

    Legno Vanilla

  • Legno white

    Legno White

  • Light elm

    Light Elm

  • Lissa oak

    Lissa Oak

  • Mali wenge

    Mali Wenge

  • Maple


  • Matt white

    Matte White

  • Montana oak

    Montana Oak

  • Ontario maple

    Ontario Maple

  • Pamplona oak

    Pamplona Oak

  • Pearl dakar

    Pearl Dakar

  • Pippy oak

    Pippy Oak

  • Rovere vanilla

    Rovere Vanilla

  • Steemed beech

    Steemed Beech

  • Textured white

    Textured White

  • Vintage oak

    Vintage Oak

  • White avola

    White Avola

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